Whole House Water Systems

Whole House Water Treatment

Whole house water treatment can be interpreted a few different ways. Water softeners, water filters, ultraviolet disinfection systems and whole house RO Systems can be classified as whole house water treatment systems because they treat the water that is used throughout the home.

How your water is supplied - by a water municipality (city water), a community of wells or a private well - will indicate what type of water issues you may be encountering. Find out more about your water with an in-home water analysis.



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The World’s Best Water Filtration System, Drinking Water System, Reverse Osmosis & Well Water Treatment! Our systems remove harmful contaminants from drinking water, including viruses, bacteria and pharmaceutical residue. Drinking water fresh from your own faucet eliminates your risk of exposure to harmful BPA toxins in plastic bottles.
Kinetico protects the well-being of your children; pets and all other members of your family by offering the highest quality treated drinking water available.