Free Water Quality Testing

Why Water Testing Is Important?

Quality. Value. Eco-Friendly. These characteristics are what most people want the water they use in their home to be. You can't take water quality for granted any longer. There are many reasons for this: the possibility of contamination, an aging water distribution system, unknown well-water quality, and the type of plumbing in a home.

Some water issues are obvious. Others are invisible. Dissolved or suspended solids usually cause cloudy, murky, or grayish water. This is also known as “turbidity.” Water can become turbid naturally or from land disturbances such as construction, storms, and urban runoff. The turbidity of your water can range from low to high. But even if your water looks clear, it could still contain a high level of dissolved solids. That’s why, whether your water is turbid or not, we recommend you have it tested.

Dissolved solids, heavy metals, unbalanced chlorine levels, and other impurities can cause odors or bad tastes in water. In some circumstances, they can impact your health. Untreated water can also cause laundry to feel scratchy, create spotty or cloudy dishes, increase limescale build up on fixtures, and even wear on plumbing and appliances. This translates into higher maintenance and energy costs for your home.

Our local water professionals know the area and the typical water challenges. We provide you with a free water analysis and plumbing audit to arm you with the information you need about your water’s hardness level to make the right decisions for you and your home.

Why do we offer free water tests?

Because the more you know, the better off you’ll be. We offer a risk free, no obligation, in-home water testing regardless of well or city water.

4 R Water customers enjoy better tasting water, reliable systems and parts, and a reduction in service calls to a plumber. And, Kinetico offers an industry leading, 10-year warranty.

We’re part of the Mohave County community and understand the water challenges in Arizona. First, a 4 R Water expert will test your water supply, free-of-charge. We also inspect your plumbing and appliances and ask questions to understand your family’s water needs. Then, we suggest treatment options that meet your water, home, and budget needs. Even better, Kinetico systems mean there are no electrical parts to set, adjust, repair, or replace.

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Kinetico protects the well-being of your children; pets and all other members of your family by offering the highest quality treated drinking water available.